Web Intelligence Applications

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This article collects real world use cases of Web and Business Intelligence applications.

Use Cases

Business Intelligence: companies use their own data sources, i.e. data they store and obtain during their daily business to extract decision relevant business information such as predictions about sales, customer behaviour models, etc.

Professor Bogdan Gabrys, Bournemouth University

  1. Lufthansa uses BI for forecasting demand for flights and different types of plane tickets. This is important, because economy class customers tend to book their tickets early while the much more lucrative business class customers tend to book rather late.
  2. Telecommunication companies such as BT try to assess whether a customer is going to switch providers and contacts such customers with improved offers since acquiring new customers costs them five to eight times more than retaining existing ones.
  3. Jagadish et al. (2014) include a case study of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA-Metro) which collects transportation data from the LA Country road network. The data arrives at 46 MB/min and over 15 TB have been collected so far. The data is analyzed for traffic patterns and to obtain temporal models for road segments.

Surveys on the Importance of Web Intelligence

An American Futures Group survey indicated that 82% of large enterprises and over 90% of the Forbes top 500 global companies adapt competitive intelligence for risk management and decision making [1].


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