Big, Linked Geospatial Data and Its Application in Earth Observation

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Koubarakis, K. Bereta, G. Papadakis, D. Savva and G. Stamoulis, "Big, Linked Geospatial Data and Its Applications in Earth Observation," in IEEE Internet Computing, vol. 21, no. 4, pp. 87-91, 2017.

Integrating earth observation data with linked open data would pave the way for easy reuse and integration of these datasets. The article discusses how knowledge discovery and data mining can be used to enrich image metadata and GIS data with domain concepts that have been formalized in domain ontologies. It then presents tools used to convert, store and visualize these data.


  • Strabon is a geospatial database system build upon RDF4j supporting spatial and temporal features such as selects, joins, etc.
  • GeoTriples provides means for publishing geospatial data in formats such as shapefiles, spatially enabled DBMS, KML and GeoJSON in RDF.
  • Sextant enables visualization, exploration and interaction with time-evolving linked geospatial data