ACM Tech Pack on Business Intelligence and Data Management

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Cupoli, P. et al., 2012. ACM Tech Pack on Business Intelligence/Data Management. ACM. Available at:

This tech pack contains a high level overview (definition, relevant resources and literature) of the following topics:

  1. Business Intelligence - a form of decision support system and an umbrella terms for concepts and methods used to improve business decision making by fact-based support systems.
  2. Data Management - a mechanism for turning data into an organizational asset.
  3. BI Architecture
  4. Data Warehousing
  5. Reference & Master Data Management - for creating and maintaining unified references for all non-transaction entities
  6. Data Quality
  7. Data Governance
  8. Meta-Data Management
  9. Unstructured Data
  10. Reporting & Analysis
  11. Data Mining
  12. Emerging BI Trends
Interesting References

  1. An annual survey of BI tools
  2. A blog covering the Business Intelligence Eco System
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