Web 2.0 by tom ALBY

less than 1 minute read

Yesterday I finally got the time to read some of the new literature I ordered and I decided to start with tom ALBYS "Web 2.0". Relevant information for semanticlabs regarding this book include: a) the book gives a fine definition of social software, including its main characteristics. b) a good overview over blogging (including information on Pingomatics - rpc.pingomatic.com, ping.wordblog.de) and blog search engines (www.technorati.com, feedster, newsgator, ...). c) interesting sites, covered are

  • www.flickr.com
  • iq.lycos.de
  • last.fm (a site recording the actual use of music)
  • 43things.com
  • digg.com (user defined media)
  • plazes.com (a mashup of google-map and flickR)
  • Podcasts (www.podcast.de) and clients (juicereceiver.sourceforge.net).

The book gives the user a good, not so much technical overview over various aspects of the Web 2.0 including possible Business Modells (e.g. The Long Tail, Google AdWords and AdSense, etc.).