Envisioning Intelligent Information Technologies through the Prism of Web Intelligence

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Zhong et al. (Communications of the ACM) - coined the term Web Intelligence (see literature)

This article introduces intelligent Information Technology (iIT) which builds upon Web Intelligence and the World Wide Web of Wisdom and provides a novel view on the possible use of Web portals for (i) Web Intelligence, (ii) problem solving and (iii) as information systems for management support.

The authors propose that such technologies could either be used to

  • progress science and technology by discovering new scientific laws or
  • turn these knowledge into money by using it for strategic and tactical business decisions
Web Intelligence which was introduced to facilitate

  1. information empowerment
  2. knowledge sharing
  3. virtual social communities
  4. service enrichment and
  5. practical wisdom development
The Wisdom Web as used as a medium for (i) information exchange and sharing and (ii) a resource for knowledge creation and scientific and social evolutions.

The authors suggest the use of PSML (problem solver markup language) which is supposed to be a logic language for creating intelligence enterprise portals. They believe that iIT could yield tools and infrastructure for generating intelligent portals throughout the Web.