What Anyone Can Know

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- The Privacy Risks of Social Networking Sites by David Rosenblum

This article describes the professional and personal risks, bad privacy and a wrong expectation about privacy pose to users of social networking sites.

While many people percipience their activities on MySpace, Facebook, etc. as private and use these sites to form new friendships, information posted on these sites is easily accessible and can be even embarrassing. The comfort zone of the Net generation is much larger than the one in traditional communities and the social rules of social sites even promote self-disclosure. "pictures are extremely necessary for enticing new friends"

A third of employers screen job candidates using search engines and 11.5 percentages even screen social network sites. Therefore information, which disclosed under the false perception of privacy, is publicly available to employers, companies, the government, and potential psychopaths. The assumption that we do not leave any digital footprints is simply wrong - in fact our tracks are eternal.