KDIR Panel Discussion

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The Information Butler (Andreas Dengel)

  • Learn from best practices
  • Recommends resources (similar to MISTRAL)
  • Context
    • Identification of context ¨(Eye-tracking -> reading mode detection (careful reading vs. scanning; provide reading information + timestamp as context)
  • iGreen -> information technology in agriculture
Madjid Fathi (University of Siegen):

  • bring together: knowledge based systems (expert systems) and knowledge acquisition
  • managing knowledge under uncertainty -> STS
  • decision support
  • AW strengths: bring together knowledge acquisition and intelligent systems
Steffen Staab

  • Media Data Sources:
    • DBtune, Jamendo (music)
    • Best Buy - provide its products on the web (using sw formats)
  • SPARQL++
Justin Zhan (Carnegie Mellon University)

  • privacy-preserving data mining
  • standard model:
    • trusted-party model (collects all the data; knows everything, because it's trusted)
    • add: data disguising step
      • e.g., randomized response technique
  • IEEE SocialCom conference¨(Social computing and data mining; privacy issues)

  • knowledge vs. information vs. data