Learning influence probabilities in social networks

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by Goyal et al. (goya2010)

The article's authors learn influence models based on

  • social graphs and
  • an action log
Based on the learned models they are able to predict i) whether a user will perform a specific action and ii) when it will be performed.

A user's properties are encoded in a user influenceability and an action influence quotient. According to the authors were Domingos and Richardson (domingos2001, richardson2002) the first to consider the propagation of influential users from a data mining perspective.

Related Literature:

  • information diffusion
  • user influence (social networks)
  • outbreak detection of viri (leskovec2007a)
  • diffusion of innovations
Tang et. al (tang2009) consider topic-specific influence analysis by identifying topic-specific subnetworks and influence weights. They discuss applying their approach to the expert finding problem.