Conference Thoughts

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some things I found interesting to mention.


  • Traditional measures for association rules
    • support: P(XY)
    • confidence: P(X|Y)
    • lift
  • Interpretation: assigns object to terms (analogous to a function);
        I: T -> P(Obj)
           I(Crete) = {hotel1, hotel2}
  • OWL-DL: open world assumption => negation (if not explicitly specified for the object) does not deliver any result); compare: you cannot prove that a white swan does not exists.

Statistical Methods

  • Kullback-Leibler Divergence between two probability functions
  • Goodman Kriskal tau-measure (for categorical data): \[ \tau = (E_D - E_D|I) / (E_D) \] where $$I$$, $$D$$ are concepts